Rating and review system in PHP and MySQL
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  • Last Update 13 August 2022 12:17:21
  • Published 13 August 2022 12:17:21

Demo: https://jamsrworld.com/demo/rating-reviews-system-with-image-using-php-bootstrap-ajax-jquery/

Review and Rating System is a very important feature for get your user feedback regarding your product or services. With the help of review and star rating system, your user can rate your product or services by selecting star and write review about your product and services and with the help or this review and star rating service provider or product seller can improve their product or services. 

At the other hand at buyer side, because with the help of product or service rating and review, buyer can select quality product or services based on the rating  and review provided by other customers.

We can easily developed our own Rating and Review System with Mysql database using PHP with Ajax & jQuery. If you want to implement Review and Star Rating system for your product or services then it  will help you to build review and 5 star rating system using PHP with Ajax jQuery and Mysql Database.

What you will get along with this script?

– Full Source Code

– Full Project Database 

– Installation guide


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